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Premium Detailing


Premium Detailing is the most preferred service for customers who want a nice reconditioning for their vehicles. This is a complete package which will take care of the entire car from headlight to tail light (except under chassis). Apart from Interior and Exterior Detailing, this service additionally covers Engine detailing, trunk cleaning, head light/ tail light restoration and other areas depending upon the condition of the vehicle. An Expert analysis of your car will also be provided for future maintenance. Apart from improving your car’s physical appearance, it also helps you gain a higher resale value and a great driving experience. PREMIUM DETAILING helps to extend the life of your car, your loved possession, your pride.

Service Includes -

  • Removal of hard water spots, lime scale and other dirt deposited on vehicles due to routine hard water washing.
  • Pre-treat Car using eco-friendly degreaser to gently remove tar, bugs, road grime, brake dust and debris from the car’s surface.
  • Foam wash using the most gentle car shampoo.
  • Wheels, Rims and Wheel Wells thoroughly cleaned and dressed.
  • Engine Compartment thoroughly detailed.Claying of paint’s surface to remove embedded contamination that cannot be removed by washing.
  • Headlight/taillight restoration
  • Polish surface to give it a glass like finish and remove minor scratches and swirl marks.
  • Glaze to further enhance the paint’s glossy appearance.
  • Sealer to protect paint.
  • Windows inside and out.
  • All interior upholstery, leather, rubber, plastic, seats, door jambs, door seals, step, dash, instrument cluster, floor mats and console.
  • Trunk thoroughly vacuumed.