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Nano Coating


Nano coating helps automobile body and glass to attain self-cleaning property. Even hard dirt particles stuck on to the body will be easily removable as it is Nano coated. Maintaining cleanliness of automobiles has been made as easy as a smile.


While driving, 90% of your decisions are based on having a clear line of sight. For this reason, automobile experts insist on keeping the windshield spotlessly clean so you can have an unobstructed view of the road ahead. This becomes most important for people who drive at night hours or while driving during rainy season. At V1 CAR CARE, we have introduced a specialized Nano technology product specially made for car windshields, vessels, and surfaces where wipers are generally used.. This product is completely environment friendly and ecological. The protective coat of SiO2 provides an invisible and long-lasting protection for your windshield from dust, insects, dirt, etc. Applying Nano Coating allows any dirt, insect splatter, and general road grime to be easily removed with a little water and without any mechanical or chemical means. Visibility in the most severe rain improves significantly with Nano Coating. Speeds above 50 km in the rain allows you to drive without the wipers turned on as visibility for the driver is almost perfect. Durability – 1 year


  • Improves driving visibility in the most severe weather
  • Excellent visibility for the driver even without the use of wipers.
  • Excellent protection against dirt and water.
  • UV Protection
  • Prevents colour alteration on your dashboard from UV sunlight
  • Easy to clean with a little water
  • Tree sap is very easy to remove
  • Resistance to abrasion.
  • Completely invisible.
  • Reduce the use of windshield wipers
  • Reduce the use of chemical detergents to 90%.
  • Helps protect the aquifer because of the large reduction of chemical cleaning products.


Nano Car Protect is a Nanotechnology product specially designed for the protection of your cars surface. It is 100% environmentally friendly. The Nano-particles seal and protect the surface of the car so that particles such as insects, dirt and grime don’t find a way to penetrate the surface. This allows your car to be cleaned with a little bit of water or simply a cloth. It protects the paint of the car from UV radiation and premature fading. Apply Nano car protect on your car and save the trouble and expense of cleaning using various chemical detergents.


  • One-time application and long durability
  • Easy cleaning and anti-blur protection to glossy surfaces
  • It contains no silicones, waxes or oils
  • Huge resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses
  • Completely invisible.
  • Very easy to clean fingerprints
  • Withstand friction and high temperatures
  • Protects against UV sunrays
  • Saving money by reducing the use of chemical detergents to 90%.
  • Improves driving visibility up to 35% in the most severe weather
  • Excellent protection against dirt and water.
  • Easy to clean with a little water
  • Tree sap and bugs are very easy to remove
  • Resistance to abrasion