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Nano Coating

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano technology has taken the car care industry by storm. As a step forward in this technology, we have introduced Nano Ceramic Coating, which is an anti-static and hydrophobic coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else. Nano Ceramic Coating guards your vehicle against scratches, UV rays, corrosion, heat, repels water and environmental contaminants, and maintains a clear, reflective, diamond hard shine.

Your vehicle will stay cleaner for a longer time, will not require frequent polishing and no additional layers of paint protection. This coating lasts for a period of 5 – 10 years. Nano Ceramic coating works on the molecular level to transform the surface and its unique technology gets crystallized only at Nano level when applied, but not crystallized at non-nano level.

In simple words, this doesn’t harden completely but has a complex two-layer coating system, once applied, giving it a soft layer at the bottom and a hard layer at the top, ensuring maximum resistance and elasticity superior to other ceramic coatings.


The glass coat is above 9H on the Pencil test scale. This scale is used in the coating Industry to determine the clear coat or paints hardness, 9H is the highest on the scale. The coat will stay hard under the warranty period if maintained correctly.
The coating has a 100% resistance against the damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals that a car can be exposed to. This cannot be removed by water, alkaline or other detergents, or by pressure washers.
Bare metal will oxidize and painted surfaces will not. It protects the paint and the metal from getting in contact with water and oxygen.
The coat has temperature resistance capacity of upto 150 degree
The coat contains ceramic nano particles, which creates an ultra-hard finish that is scratch-resistant and durable.
The coat provides protection against natures elements – sun, water, salt and pollen will not penetrate this coating. The UV protection keeps the paint, rubber and plastic from aging.
The coat contains nano fiber glass, resulting in a deep, reflective shine
The coat provides incomparably strong water and oil repellence. This hydrophobic effect prevents water spots and oily stains from attaching to the paint work
The nano particles fill in tiny swirls and imperfections in the paint to make it perfectly smooth. Therefore, dirt and dirty water cannot settle into any crevices. The finish is also resistant to bugs, UV rays, acids, and salts. Plus, the slick surface is anti-static and washes off easily
The coat prevents mineral deposits from bonding to the vehicle’s surface so water spots can be wiped off.
Most dirt and debris will not stick in the first place so you may find yourself washing your vehicle less often.


  • Scratch Resistance (optimum scale 9H-12H)
  • 10 years Permanent Protection
  • Fire car-paint protection
  • Anti Grafffiti
  • Self-cleaning
  • Super waterproofing hydrophobic factors
  • Color protection from UV radiation
  • Extreme weather conditions protection
  • Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance
  • 100% invisible sealing protection
  • Frost proofing and tolerance
  • High protection against ice
  • Shiny glossy finishing
  • Extreme tolerance in high temperatures (up to 1200°C)
  • Anti- corrosion protection
  • Anti-oxidation protection
  • Extreme resistance on chemical corrosion effect
  • Shiny paint coverage
  • The coating cannot be affected by machine wash and can be removed only by painting procedure.
  • 100% Environmental friendly
  • Money saving by reducing up to 90% the use of chemical detergents